Interviewing Daniel Redondo, Secretary of Strategic Energy Planning

‘In the previous ten years natural gas grew the most. In our administration, however, renewable energies will grow the most’ – Daniel Redondo


Daniel A. Redondo is the Secretary of Strategic Energy Planning in the Ministry of Energy and Mining of Argentina, a key player in the expansion of renewable energies. He is a Chemical Engineer from Universidad Nacional del Sur and worked for several years for Exxon Mobil.  Continue reading “Interviewing Daniel Redondo, Secretary of Strategic Energy Planning”

XXI Century Solar Army

‘Water will be the coal of the future’ – Jules Verne, 1874


Harry Gray at Emory University, October 12th 2017

Harry B. Gray is a Professor at California Institute of Technology whose research focuses mainly in electron-transfer chemistry. Dr. Gray gave a talk at Emory University on his work regarding solar water splitting systems for the efficient use of solar energy. Continue reading “XXI Century Solar Army”